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What is a Social Feed?

With the social feed feature, you can present topics in a bundled and centralized way, about which you provide information, initiate exchange or promote it. One of the advantages of the social feed is that all relevant information can be found in one place.



In addition, you promote the exchange among each other via the possibility to leave comments and likes. This gives your social feeds a momentum of their own, which is driven by the users of your platform.


The interaction possibilities of the social feed feature are diverse. Posts can be read, written, deleted, commented on and given a Like.


When creating a post, it can consist of only text (emojis are included). However, a post can also consist of only an image, a video, a file or a link. This can also be combined with text.


Comments can be freely created and deleted but are limited to text only. So currently no images, videos or other content can be inserted in the comments.

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