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Getting started: How do I create a page?

Open the desired project in the CMS and select the "Pages" module in the menu.

Then click on "+ Create". 

Give a page title:

Now you can add your content. 

A page can consist of different sections and elements. 

Edit section

On a new page you will find the first section. 

Use the "+ Add content" button to add individual elements: 

In this article you will find more detailed information on the individual elements.

Add columns

Sections can be divided into different columns. This division allows you to display elements not only in a single column, but also next to each other. 

Click on the column icon in the left-hand editing bar. 

Now select the desired format and click on "Apply".

After you have generated the columns, you can add content as usual.

Move sections

To move a section, click on the move icon and hold down the mouse. 

Now drag the section to the desired position.

Move columns 

To move a column, click on the column icon and keep the mouse pressed. 

Now drag the column to the desired position.

Move elements

Elements can be moved within columns and also between sections. 

To do this, click inside the white box and keep the mouse pressed. 

Now drag the element to the desired position. 

Save and publish a page

On the right side of the editing view you can check and change the status of your page. 

Here you can save the draft (2) or publish it immediately (1). 

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