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How do I create a push certificate for Safari?

Polario supports also web push to the Safari Browser. This has a different communication flow than other web push browsers. To create a certificate for Safari a few steps have to be achieved in the Apple Developer Center.

In this description, we use the indentifier "customer" and the URL as examples.  In this case, "Customer" stands for the name/identifier of your platform.

1. Export the CSR from the Polario CMS

As a user with admin privileges (project manager or super admin) log in to the CMS and navigate into a project and select the menu item notifications.

Click on the cog in the “Certificates” box (1), expand the section “SAFARI CERTIFICATE“ section and click “Create CSR file“ (2). Store this file on your computer.

2. Create a Website Push ID in the Apple Developer Center

Login to the Apple Developer Center It is important here that you are either an admin of the developer account or have an App Manager role with access to certificates, IDs and profiles. 

Navigate to “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles”. There you can select on the left side the “Identifiers” section (1) and use the filter on the right side to select “Website Push IDs“ (2) to see if there is already an Identifier be present.

Click on the “+“ to add a new identifier if no identifier in the format is listed already. In the next view the Website Push IDs toggle should be selected already, if not select it and click “Continue”.

On the next view fill the Description and Identifier field (1) as shown in the image. Afterwards click “Continue“ (2) to see a summary screen, there click “Register“ to finalize the creation.

Now a certificate for this Website Push ID can be generated.

3. Create a push certificate

Once the Website Push ID is registered, you can create a certificate for it. Select in the developer portal the “Certificates“ section and click the “+” button to add a new certificate. On the next screen select the “Website Push ID Certificate“ option (1) to continue. Confirm with the click on “Continue“ (2).

On the next page you have to select the previously created “Website Push ID“. It is prefixed with the Apple Developer Team ID (1). Move forward by clicking “Continue“ (2) to upload the created CSR file from the first step.

Now you can upload the CSR file created in the CMS in the first step by dragging it into the upload window.

By clicking “Continue“ a certificate is being generated and will be offered to be downloaded. Click “Download“ to store the file on your computer.

4. Upload the certificate to the Polario CMS

Go back to the CMS view, where the CSR file was being downloaded and provided the certificate, stored from the previous step inside the “SAFARI CERTIFICATE“ section.

By saving the dialogue the process is completed and in the overview you should see next to Safari an “ACTIVE“ badge.

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