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What functions does the media library offer?

In the global area you will find the media library.

All files that are available in this system are stored there and can be managed. 

The icon set is also stored here. 

1 Here you will find the search bar to quickly find specific documents. 

2 Pictures, icons, videos, audio files, documents, etc. can be stored in the media library. 

You can use this filter to filter for certain file types. 

3 All folders are displayed below.

4 Below the folder structure you will find the button to create additional folders. 

This way you can ensure that you can find all files quickly and easily when creating your app.

5 To upload files, click on "Select files". 

Now select the desired file and upload it. 

Finally, you can select a destination folder to which the file will then be assigned.


When creating the app, you can always access the media library from the various functions and select files. You can find information on this in the helpdesk articles for the functions. 

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