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How can I change the design of the sections and columns?

1. Background of the entire news item 

By default, the news is displayed transparently. This means that the background colour of the project is displayed here by default.

Background colours can be customised. Click on "Change" within the design options. 


Click on "Color" and enter the desired hex code. 

Gradient - Coming Soon

We are working on bringing you this feature as soon as possible! 


Add a picture as a background by clicking on "Image". 

Then simply click on "+ Add image". 

The media library opens. Select a picture or upload a new one. 

Here you will find all information about the media library. 

2. Background of a section

Change the background of a section by clicking on the design icon at the right edge of the section.

(1) Insert the hex code for the Light Mode. 

(2) The colour code for dark mode is generated automatically. 

(3) To store the colour code manually, remove the tick and add the code. 

3. Background of a column

You can also change the background of a column via the design icon. The process is the same as the previous step.

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