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Getting started: How do I create a livestream?

Open the desired project in the CMS and select the "Livestreams" module in the menu.

Then click on "+ Create".


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An editing interface will then open. Here you must give your livestream a title. You can also add a teaser image, i.e., a livestream preview, and an alternative text. The alternative text is used for accessibility. Then click on "Create".


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If you now go back to the livestream overview, you will find the livestream you just created. 

On the right side you will find more options under the 3 dots:


  • Edit - here you can edit the information you just entered (title, teaser image and alternative text).
  • Input signal - here you can find the encoding data of the live stream, which you can either pass on to the streaming service provider or save to WebEx or Zoom, for example.
  • Delete - here you can delete the stream.



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