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What are directories?

Directories allow you to display all lists and information that you want to integrate into the system. Depending on the type of information to be displayed, different types of directories are available:


  • Static directories
  • Dynamic directories


What are static directories?


Static directories are suitable for displaying lists and information that are entered into the system by the user or by a content manager. In other words, information that is available in the system in a static form, i.e., constantly and without change. Of course, the data can still be edited afterwards, but this is then only done by a content manager.


This is an excellent way of mapping exhibitors, sponsors, partners, but also products, dealers, locations, etc., as the data fields can be fully adapted to the content to be mapped.

What are dynamic directories?


Dynamic directories map the data based on the account data. Thus, member directories or certain groups of people who already have an account in the project can be displayed.

These directories display the data dynamically, without the need for a content manager to enter the data into the system.



What is the difference between static directories and dynamic directories?


Dynamic directories are based on account data and are used to map user lists in your project.


With static directories, the entries are created and maintained in the directory itself.

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