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Getting started: How do I create a form?

Scroll down in the CMS menu on the left and click on "Forms":


Ein Bild, das Screenshot, Software, Multimedia-Software, Text enthält.

Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

Then click on "Create" to create a form:



In the next window you will give your form a title, a description and define the conditions for replying and sending emails:

(1) - Title of the form

(2) - Description of the form

(3) - View answers - specify whether the participants can view their answers after submitting the form

(4) - Edit answers - define whether participants can edit their answers after submitting the form

(5) - Multiple participation - allows participants to fill out a form multiple times

(6) - Email sending - define if an email with the answers should be sent to a stored mailbox after submitting the form





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